Approval of the Dragons

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Meeth tugged her cloak around her as she stood atop the fort, for once it wasn't the cold that made her do it, but nerves, a combination of excitement and nervousness as a figure appeared in the distance. She still wasn't sure quite how the cat had managed to weave his way into her heart, so much so that they'd agreed to take their relationship to the next level. "Stop drooling over your boyfriend." Came an amused drawl from nearby as Meeth blushed at the term, glaring at the dragon who was hers and yet.. was independent. Nyx simply snorted, her jaw open as she grinned; for it seemed that Nyx, like Meiron delighted in teasing her. "I can't see a dragon?" Meeth commented, as the figure raised a hand in greeting, none of her dragons considered him a threat anymore. Nyx peered over... "Hmm... neither do i, then again who knows what he has in that menagerie of dragons." With that last comment Nyx vanished.  That worried Meeth more than anything, today was meant to be when she gained the approval of his dragons, her own already lying in wait to test him. Her mind went over the scenarios, maybe he... she shook her head, as much as Meiron teased her, he would not break his word, his loyalty something it had taken her a while to see past his usual snarkiness. 

Fields of flowers were quite rare this far north, but when the bloomed they were a sight to behold, hardy and stubborn flowers growing on the otherwise cold plain, and only visible for a few weeks each year. Meiron grinned as he spotted Meeth's form, he had no doubt she'd hold her own against what was to come; and all of his dragons agreed that she only needed to prove herself against one of them... and that dragon was tunneling below the earth, humming with energy. And since he'd decided that he wanted Meeth as more than just a friend, he'd deal with whatever her dragons threw at him. Nearing the raised portcullis he drew to a halt as Meeth moved towards him... just as the earth shifted below the snow covered fields and something surged towards her. 

Meeth's instincts kicked in at that moment, and she rolled, across the plain and away from the colorful flowers, her sword appearing in her hand as a long white serpentine dragon surfaced, forked tongue flicking as the red eyes glared at her. She didn't dare look at this dragons rider, unlike his other dragons, this one was bristling with hostility ... and it was all focused on her. The two antennae flicked towards the navy cat as the dragon lunged teeth bared at the other rider; Meeth made no assumption on the dragons shape, this she assumed was Meiron's first dragon, and potentially his strongest dragon. Sorcha hissed, her tongue flicking, this female wanted her rider... well she needed to prove herself, she didn't care what Kuro or Abyss thought. 

"Well?" A voice sounded from Meiron's shadow as Nyx's eye appeared to look at him. The cat shrugged and headed further into the fort leaving the two ladies to duke it out, oh he'd probably get an earful later from Meeth, but it would be worth it, besides arguing was fun. Eventually Nyx halted him in front of several dragons... and before he could say anything something grabbed him, limbs wrapping around him and hugging him, as a maw opened up .. drool dribbling onto his shoulders, his ears twitched as he pulled out a small dragon plush to distract Void, Meeth had told him of this particular dragon, including the plush incident anda statue. Void gurgled and took the plushy, "See, I agree with Void, he's acceptable." A small voice sounded as Enderia appeared, Whisper and Silver agreeing. Riva spoke up, leaning against a frame. "You're pair bonded with one of his dragons, of course you'd accept him and Void can be bribed." He argued back, though his tone was soft, the small dragon one he worked with most in the forge. His attention turned back the the cat, whisker twitching as the rider just stared back. He'd agreed to be the spokesperson for the dragons, Nyx found the whole thing amusing so  already approved of the relationship, some of the others who'd met and interacted with Meiron also in agreement. Zeke didn't really have an opinion, having been made aware of the sheer strength the cat possessed, and Eira... well his own sibling was bonded to the rider. "Can you craft. Can you wield weapons, Can you provide for her and all of us..." Riva barked out the questions quick fire. "Do you think you're worthy of her?" Meiron's drool covered ear's twitched at that last question, his pupil all but vanishing. Sounds of clashing outside echoed though the silence that followed, and several of Meeth's dragons shifted uncomfortable. Meiron suddenly shrugged. "I can build, its usually lopsided but it works, my claws are my weapons, or my beak and teeth, or my tail an even my magic. I've provided for her before and those of the fort, so i can do that with ease..." Meiron paused, his pupil resurfacing from the multihued color of his eyes, something not many people realized and his smug grin cut the silence. "As for that last question, no, im probably not worthy of her. Is that going to stop me, not really, and as i can point out, she choose me as well." He leaned back and Void grabbed him again, several sets of rainbow colored eyes blinking pleadingly at Riva. For a few moments Riva and Meiron just stared at each other, the cat smug... and Riva ...well... "I yield. Now can we see what is going on out there?" He asked, worry filled eyes turning to the snowy field beyond... where it sounded like a warzone.

Meeth was breathing hard, the plain torn up from their fight, though it seemed neither of them had any wish to damage the colorful flowers, so patches of color remained amid the destruction wrought by the sheer power the dragon commanded, and not just earth, but thunder as well. Her limbs ached from her movements, her arms particular sore from fending of the albino's attacks, and if it had been any other sword other than the one forged from her soul, it would of long since broken. She'd never felt this outclassed, not even against that gargoyle, or against the armies she'd fought on her home world. She knew she couldn't last long, but she had no intention of simply giving up, not now, not when Meiron had come and broke though her loneliness, she wasn't perfect, she didn't have to the aristocracy here.. she could just be ... herself... and she knew she could support Meiron , Bracing herself, she focused on the sword, the pale blade gleaming as Sorcha lunged, she didn't try to doge, she met the dragon attack head on, her emotions and will powering the sword and pushing back, Sorcha blinked as her body moved back, remnants of snow and mud and flowers covering her white body..... and she could feel it, feel the other riders emotions..

Sorcha suddenly disengaged and Meeth stumbled, only to be caught by the white dragon pushing her head against her and purring...... all hostility gone... and antennae weaving. "You're soft." Meeth blurted, all energy draining from her as her sword vanished. Sorcha laughed. "Yessss, and you can help me with Meiron, he needs ones like us..." She coiled around Meeth and blinked innocently as her own rider appeared..  Meeth too spotted him... and fact his fur was covered in Voids drool. "Ah..." She stared at the culprit. as her other dragons swarmed around the albino and checked Meeth over, making sure she wasn't hurt. Meiron drew to a halt, a smirk on his face.. though with the drool on his ears and shoulder, it wasn't quite the same. "Did you two have fun?" He smirked reaching over to stroke Sorcha under her chin and grazing Meeth as he did so, Meeth shivered and Meiron's eyes gleamed with amusement. "Maybe I should take you to the hot springs..."He all but purred, Meeth stared at him and then blushed much to amusement of Nyx and of course, Meiron.

Approval of the Dragons
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Also featuring Sorcha primarily as well as, Nyx, Riva & Void, as well mentions of Meeths other dragons.. also random field of flowers

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