Bonding Ceromony

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The wide open field was awash with color, the wildflowers a rainbow amidst the warm spring sun... and scattered among an array of people who under normal circumstances would never normally be gathered in a single area; they themselves were surrounded by a circle of dragons, many of whom shuffled about in excitement.

Malakai was nervous, the openness, and the sheer volume of other living creatures pressed against him, but while his friendship? with the dark navy cat like bestia was still new he'd felt both honored and wary of been a witness; he was also trying to keep his irritation at bay as if surfaced now and again, nearby Monti all but blended into the vast number of earth dragons that were around them. A hand gripped his own and he glanced at the other witness next to him, a smile on her own face as she stood amidst the colorful flowers, his irritation all but vanishing at her touch.  "These ceremonies are so...... " words failed her as she looked at Malakai. Both witnesses glanced at across the 'circle' at the third witness beyond the pairs dragons. The blue elderly phinae leaned against one of Meiron's dragons, as far as the pair could tell she was there for Meiron, though Malakai had witnessed the navy cat stare at her and then just shrug. "Look, its starting." Fidelia whispered as the dragons fell silent, she did wonder what the two would do, for neither was native to this world having come from the chronoscope. Akeem too seemed curious from where he was laid down nearby, though it wasn't always as easy to tell.

In the middle of the circle was a simple constructed stand, on one side stood Meiron, the navy bestia in his usual attire, the other Meeth, for once her long black cloak was nowhere to be seen, instead her  white and red outfit, gilded with gold was fully on show, alongside her wings. Meeth glanced at the cat, opposite her, at first glance he seemed unaffected, but she had learned to read him to a degree, and the fact that his pupils were barely visible was a sign of his own emotions. Zeke nudged her, the avian stood behind her, mirrored was Sorcha behind her rider. She took a deep breath, she'd though long and hard about how show him the depth of her feelings, eventually she'd pulled on an old tradition from her home world. Slowly she held out her hands, every dragons gaze, alongside the witnesses went to it. A sword materialized, an almost ethereal gleam to its blade, for this was the first time she'd dropped the innate protective wards built into the weapon. Her heat beat quicker as she held it out to Meiron, her face flushed, for the sword literally held a part of her soul. To yield it without protection, the cat would literally held herlife in his hands.

Meiron's ears twitched ever so slightly as he reached for the weapon, he knew some of its secrets since he and Meeth had become a pair; he took hold of the offering, noting Meeth's shiver, her wings flaring in the sun before refolding, her lithe body trembling... and it was echoed in the sword, it trembled and gleamed with a welcoming and accepting warmth, yet it also seemed shy, Meiron grinned, his eyes gleaming as Sorcha hummed nearby and he raised the blade and kissed it; Meeth turned scarlet and glared at him. The sword though gleamed brighter ......... before vanishing in a sudden flare of light, Meiron reached for her hand and pressed his muzzle to her hand.

Fidelia and Malakai continued to watch, the bestia gripping the vernids hand tightly, while neither knew of the full significance of what Meeth had just done, they'd both seen her emotions, and the impact it had had on her,. The colorful flowers around them merely added to the atmosphere, even the massive spires of earth that towered over the ceremony at didn't take anything away. 

Releasing Meeth's hand, Meiron took a step back to remove the night sky cape and handing it to Sorcha to hold. While Meeth knew he could shapeshift, she'd never seen his real form; given his species endangered status. revealing what he truly was a risk if there was any hunters about; plus there were other who would see. The phinae-mar he suspected  was already aware in her vast knowledge, as for the other Malakai and Fidelia, he trusted them. 

The first sign of anyting to those watching was a slight tensing of the serpantine white dragon stood behind him, next bands of silver mercury flared across Meiron's form, before the bestia vanished... to be replaced by a shift. The navy form blinked at Meeth, eyebrows raising ... reminiscent of Meiron's ears in his other form. Meeth kneeled down to look closer, reaching out with a hand... to be met by a navy 'arm' as Meiron carefully wrapped his own arm around hers. Suddenly Meiron shifted, his bestia form reappearing ... and within easy reach of grabbing Meeth and pulling her into his arms. Meeth automatically tensed, still not used to the shows of affection especially in front of others.... still she raised her arms to hold the cat, his warmth relaxing her slowly.

Malakai and Fidelia covered their ears as the horde of dragons cried out, a symphony of noise that resounded int he area, sending several wildflowers flying... and causing both Akeem and Monti to react... and joining in with the other dragons. The two witnesses sat down shakily, though Fidelia's heart was beating quickly and this  time it was Malakai that reached out to take her hand.

Amidst the cacophony of sound, something 'clicked' between the now bonded pair; for Meiron it was an acute focus on Meeth, for he was naturally telepathic though this felt far deeper than any other connection he'd had, even that with his twin. For Meeth, it was akin to that which she had with her dragons, but not... and she could feel the cats feelings.. including... "MEIRON!" She yelped, struggling in vain to get away, her face bright red. Snickering the cat blanked his mental signature and giving her a reprieve. of sorts... at least until she was more comfortable with their bond; shaking in embarrassment, she hid her face in the bestia's soft fur, a faint rumble soothing her somewhat, the new bond between them settling further.

Bonding Ceromony
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In Displays, Courtships, and Bondings ・ By Returu

WC: 1075
Terrain: Light/Earth
Witnesses: Malakai (Zincwolf) & Fidelia (Frights & Night).... aand the phinae-mar... what she pops up everywhere >->

Prompt 1 Link: Chronocompass - Gallery :: The Proposal
Prompt 2 Link: Chronocompass - Gallery :: Approval of the Dragons
Prompt 3 Link: Chronocompass - Gallery :: Bonding Ceromony

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