Aphyd (Basic)

Category: Familiars

Effect: Adds +1 Affiliation Point to all Attyceps Network art duties. Adds +1 EXP to all depicted dragons in the Attyceps Network affiliation.

When creating a custom skin, it must appear as an aphid-like creature with a tank of neon-colored liquid for a butt. It may have glittering particles, such as sparkles or shaped glitter. The tank does not need to be circular. They may have up to four tiny insect wings of any insect species.

These adorable creatures live in and around Attyceps hives. Some Attyceps even keep them as companions for their journeys. In exchange for safety and food, they provide a delicious honeydew to their caretakers. Its effect varies depending on what the Aphyd is fed. Aphyds that reach old age can shed their exoskeleton and reveal a small, winged, youthful version of their old selves. Their wings fall off after a few uses and their life cycle repeats.

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