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Elemental Dragon (ED)

Elemental dragons are the core species of the group. They are a completely open species, though they have to have an official import and approved design to participate in the group. There are ten basic elements in the group. Each one represents a different kind of dragon that you might be familiar with. Unlike typical dragons, they require an attachment to a Rider in order to survive. Riders fill a mental void that the dragons simply can't live without. Each element varies in its need, so they have a preferred Rider personality. You can find their favorites below!

Elements Inspiration Favored Trait Appearance
Light Dragons Qirin Charisma
Fire Dragons Western Dragons Vengeance
Jungle Dragons Fairy Dragons, Amphibians, Insects Craftiness
Thunder Dragons Artificial Dragons, Golems, Androids Intelligence
Earth Dragons Saurian Dragons Strength
Ocean Dragons Sea Serpents, Leviathans Compassion
Storm Dragons Wyverns Instability
Wind Dragons Rocs Loyalty
Dark Dragons Mist Dragons, Ghosts Wisdom
Metal Dragons Armored Dragons, Pangolins Purity


When eggs are laid, they come with something called a geno. This determines what sort of dragon they will become, what colors they can be, what markings they can be...all sorts of stuff!

This might look like gibberish, but it's easy to break down!

  • Sex - This determines who a dragon can breed with. This can be changed if it disagrees with the character.
  • Element - This determines what colors your dragon can be, what magic it can use, and what traits you can choose for free.
  • Physical Traits - The basic building blocks of your dragon. Wing type, body type, that sort of thing. Can be swapped out (refer to design guide).
  • Display Traits - The dragon's markings.
  • Modifier Traits - Stuff that changes the dragon's shape, such as extra horns.
  • Mutations - These are a bit of a rarity. It's best to read the trait description if you manage to find one.
  • Recessive - These are genes that don't show up or affect a dragon but still have a chance of passing down at a lower rate than usual.

For more information on how to obtain your first dragon, check out the Hatchery Quest or Aurelia's Hatchery!

Familiars (FAM)

Familiars are small creatures that can inhabit the den of Riders. They each have magical abilities that give their adopted family advantages in activities. From adventures, to den prompts, to breeding, to races, and even to affiliation quests--almost every aspect of the game has a Familiar that can help you out! There is a variety of ways to acquire Familiars. The easiest way is to purchase a Familiar from the Silvence store, but you can also find them from Challenges, and even regular art activities. Familiars can have a customized appearance, so long as they are recognizable as their original species. For example, a rabbit can be any color, not just white. Capture methods and design guidelines are located on specific familiar pages.


Riders can only care for a limited number of Familiars, but they can increase this by making improvements to their den or becoming a Rancher. Additionally, soulbound Familiars do not count towards the maximum. Ranchers also have an easier time finding Familiars from activities.

Click here to see a list of all the different Familiar varieties.

Rider (R)

Not everyone in the world becomes a Rider. In fact, very few do! The majority of people live out their lives working without the assistance of these beasts, just like the real world. Dragons are particularly choosy and will normally lay eggs only when a certain person is deemed worthy of becoming a dragon Rider. Even then, the egg will choose whether its Rider is worthy. It isn’t uncommon for an egg to never hatch, either due to that worthy person never returning, or because the true personality of the Rider reared its head and no one else around was suitable. These abandoned eggs can hibernate for quite some time until they find someone that suits them. They are virtually indestructible and immortal until they hatch. As for the bonding process? Well…

Bonding With a Dragon

A Rider will know when they are chosen by a dragon instinctively. They will be drawn to care for the egg. The full bond is created the moment a dragon hatches. A telepathic path is opened up between the two, allowing them to share all of their senses and communicate in an expedient manner. Their telepathic conversations are not perceived by anyone else. A Rider’s emotions create a particular magical aura that the dragon can absorb. This strengthens the dragon’s magic, which the Rider can use in turn. This has no perceptible effect on the Rider’s constitution.

That’s not to say there is no physical bond. With the constant connection between minds, their life is tied to one another. When one perishes, so will the other. When one gets sick, the other feels wretched. When one is injured, the other experiences the same pain. They share all of their senses.

To bond with a dragon is quite an honor, though the element of a Rider’s dragon will always lead to prejudice and misconceptions. A Rider will never 100% match the elemental traits of their dragon to a tee. An earth Rider might show a wonderful proclivity for work, but exhibit awfully bad physical strength. Learn more about what a dragon looks for in their Rider on individual element pages.

Elemental Specialties

A Rider may specialize in two different elements. They may only raise elements that match one of their own. Upon submission, your Rider should have one dragon assigned and at least one element assigned. You may add your second element immediately or after a Hatchery Quest, though it should still match the character. They may have an infinite number of dragons as long as one of their elements matches the rider’s specialty. In example, a Thunder/Storm Rider may raise all of the following:

  • Thunder
  • Storm
  • Thunder/Storm
  • Storm/Earth
  • Ocean/Thunder
  • Anything else with Thunder or Storm in it.

If you do a Hatchery quest, your Rider's elements will be suggested, and an egg is provided with those elements. If you want to do the Hatchery Quest with a pre-existing Rider, the final egg will match at least one of the Rider's elements so that they can still raise it.

Rider Races & Species

This game is currently set in the region of Eredia and Shérok, two neighboring planets that are easily navigated between through the Chronoscape. Inhabitants are all human, though plenty of Erré appear to be anthropomorphized animals.

At the same time, the Chronoscape is an endless place, and connected to many realms! You are free to use any species as your rider. Quadrupedal Riders will obviously need special accommodations, such as customized saddles, in order to ride their dragon. Despite their name, Riders benefit more from the mental connection with their dragon, rather than their use as a ferrying animal.

If you intend to use a race/species from another ARPG, you must only do so if that ARPG allows it. We can’t track whether this is the case all the time, but we do request screenshots of permission if your character is the first of its kind in the group. Ask the ARPG owner if you are in doubt.

Equipment (E)

  • You can wear one piece in each Equipment Slot. This means you can wear x1 Small Jewelry (Onyx) and x1 Large Jewelry (Onyx), but you can’t wear x2 Large Jewelry.
  • When you remove equipment, it does not return to your inventory. You receive half of its Silvence value. The page is deleted from the database.
  • Items used to change the appearance of a dragon's import cannot be removed. However, they can be swapped out with other equipment that can create the same effect (in example: Large Jewelry (Onyx) can be swapped with Large Jewelry (Emerald)).
  • Some equipment is limited to certain species. It will say this on the item page. Other than those exclusive items, both Riders and Dragons can use equipment.

View All Equipment Here
View Crafting Recipes for Equipment Here

Here are the different equipment types that can't double up:

  • Small Adornments – Allows you to wear small accessories. Increases the chance of Activity rolls by 10% .
  • Small Jewelry – Allows you to add small jewelry to your dragon’s design. Comes in different varieties that give EXP bonuses in certain situations.
  • Large Adornments – Allows you to add accessories, clothing, armor, and other large items to your dragon design. Equipped characters gain +1 items from activities.
  • Large Jewelry – Allows you to add large jewelry to your dragon’s design. Comes in different varieties that increases the chance of certain activities succeeding or bringing back extra items, along with a whole host of other possible effects.


Den Item (I)

Den items can cosmetically decorate a den, but they also unlock art prompts for the inhabitants. If you're not a fan of hunting or adventuring, why not have your characters stay home and cook using their Oven, or write an amazing adventure in their Diary? You must have the furniture installed in/applied to your Rider's den in order to use it. You can get furniture by crafting, trading, or buying from the Silvence store. Characters depicted in these prompts must include at least one of the Den’s occupants (Dragon or Rider). 

If you choose to illustrate them, you may choose a different appearance. In example, you can write a Calendar as a Sun Dial instead. They simply have to match the item in use in form or theme!If you choose an unconventional appearance for your item, then it must have its image updated so mods know at a glance if the item has appeared in the prompt and if it was used properly.

Dens (D)

A Rider as well as Independent Dragons may create a Den for them and their dragons to reside in. Click here to learn more about founding a Den.

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