Aurora (Uncommon)

Category: Display

Creates one or more smooth stripes on your dragon. If there are multiple stripes, they should be clearly separated. They will never resemble clouds, mist, or a nebula. You may choose any two natural aurora colors and apply them smoothly along the stripe (pinks, greens, and blues are the norm). You may place dots of your chosen aurora colors inside of the marking as long as the marking as a whole is still smooth. These dots cannot go outside of the marking. The interior will not have white stars or sparkle without other markings affecting it.

Here are examples of dos and don’ts with aurora edge textures:

It will never have a fully solid marking edge. The bottom may appear hard, but the top will always fade out.

Charged Aurora

Charged Aurora may use up to three natural Aurora colors. Additionally, it may sparkle or glow.


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