Category: Display

A simple marking that covers the top of your dragon in a solid patch of color that is roughly symmetrical. At least 1/3rd of the mark will appear in the dark red area. The light red area shows the approximate maximum.

Shape Rules

It can cover the entirety of your dragon’s back as well as part of the dragon's limbs. It can also cover the entire top of the wings, but will never appear on the bottom. It should not extend all the way to the belly of your dragon or the bottom of your dragon’s snout. Here are some examples of shaping and range:

Texture Rules

The edge may be hard or soft; It will never be a gradient.

Color Rules

Blanket may be any color in the elemental color palette as well as black or white.

Layering Rules

This marking can go above or beneath other markings. It will not cover top layer markings.

Effect on Modifiers & Physical Traits

It may affect modifiers, skin, nails, ears, and similar things where it touches.

Charged Blanket

Charged Blanket may display a gradient between two colors. These colors must still follow regular marking rules.


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