Crowned Crest

Category: Physical

Multi-pronged horns (antlers). They must have branches of some kind. While one or two prongs may be 'misaligned,' it should be roughly symmetrical. The ends do not need to be sharp, but they do need to be easily visible as different 'points.' This will not create fangs or tusks. The origin point of the crest must start in the colored area below:

Various Examples of Crowned Crest:

The crest may also be affected by a free gradient of two colors. The free gradient must take from the elemental color palette and/or white, tan, and black. The gradient may radiate from the prongs or affect the crest as a whole. The color and/or gradient will be the same on every horn. The gradient is optional, and you may choose to use a solid color instead. The very ends of the horns may be affected by minimal markings.

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