Category: Modifier

Element: Thunder | Rarity: Ultra-rare

This dragon was born with a blessing of thunder. Electricity discharges from its body. In addition, auroras or ball lightning may hover around it. The minimal markings of this dragon may glow. It may use the color palette of Thunder dragons in addition to its normal colors. Markings affected by Electric may float or drift off of the body, as long as they resemble their markings and look electric at the same time.


Color Rules

When affecting the minimal markings of a dragon, it will glow the same color as the marking, and that marking will follow regular elemental color rules. When present as an aurora, it will be natural aurora colors. When present as lightning, sparks, or orbs, it will be natural lightning colors.

Modifier, Claw, Leather, and Crest Rules

This may affect any traits. However, it does have some special interactions. For thick furry traits like bumble and maned, it may create glowing LED-type tips of any natural lightning color. The tips may vary in color. The base color of these traits must be apparent (the entire trait cannot have a changed color). This effect is not present for normal velvet scales or protofeathers.

Charged Electric

In addition to its normal effects, Charged Electric creates branches of lightning that course under this dragon’s skin. It may be restricted to markings or affect the entirety of the dragon.


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