Glitch (Rare)

Category: Modifier

Due to elemental fluctuations, the dragon appears to flicker into odd shapes. The appearance and markings of the dragon should still be apparent. Below is a dragon with glitch and their non-glitched form. How the glitch appears is up to you, but should not affect the physical shape of your dragon! Alternatively, you may have this affect one display/modifier trait dramatically.

--> Left: pre-glitch. Right: post-glitch.

Here are some examples of Glitches affecting a gray square. Feel free to find inspiration in other glitches!

Color Rules

This does not typically affect the colors of the dragon. When it does (such as color shifting parts of the dragon), the original colors are still obvious and appear on the majority of the dragon.

Modifier & Physical Trait Interactions

This does not affect physical traits and cannot be affected by modifiers.

Charged Glitch

Currently, charged Glitch has the same effect as normal Glitch.


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