Panda (Common)

Category: Display

Panda is a marking with various forms. The first resembles panda. The second resembles red panda. The third resembles a lemur. Refer to the real animals for shapes. Each pattern has a light and dark area that are opposites of each other (they fit together like puzzle pieces). If there is a ‘grayscale’ area, you may include it in either the dark or light area, but it will not make holes or a third layer. You may choose to display one or both of the layers. Panda will not hide other marks, even if both layers are displayed.

The light section may be white or any color lighter than the base, within elemental rules. The dark layer may be black, or any color darker than the base within elemental rules.

Color modifications only affect one layer of Panda, regardless of how many layers you display.

Charged Panda

You may also use red to color the darker layer, rather than black or a darker color, even if it is outside of the elemental color scheme.

Red Panda (Basic)

Category: Familiars

Effect:  Brings back an additional item during Hunting or Gathering prompts.

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