Protofeathers (Uncommon)

Category: Modifier

Creates fur-like scales or tiny spines across the body of your dragon. It should cover your entire dragon. You may choose not to cover legs. It will still be short and not create manes, crests, beards, or tufts. It will not have volume (that would make it look like Bumble). You may also put feathers on the limbs of your dragons, even if they don’t have feathered wings or scales. These will be protofeathers rather than full flight feathers. Look at paleoart of ancient theropods for some examples! It does not affect feathered wings or raptor tails unless desired. It is short and will not create manes, crests, or tufts.

Color Rules

It must follow elemental color rules. You may allow display traits to affect it. This does not affect the colors of Physical Trait. It will take on the color of the base scales.

Modifier & Physical Trait Interactions

This only changes the texture of your dragon’s scales. It does not interact with nails, teeth, claws, leather, or hard traits like scythe wings. It will not create manes, crests, beards, or tufts.

Charged Protofeathers

Charged Protofeathers has no effect. Feel free to suggest one!


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