Runemarks (Rare)

Category: Display

Creates geometric patterns along your dragon. Must be a single solid color. They do not glow. You may choose to make them look painted on. If you use natural shapes (like spots), it should be mixed with unnatural shapes so it is clearly part of the marking. These markings can also take on the form of numbers and letters. There must be at least ten symbols.

Shape Rules

Natural markings, such as a circle, should be altered to look unnatural. This could mean adding lines or shapes in or nearby it so that it’s clearly an artificial pattern.

Runemarks can appear in any number of unnatural shapes, so long as they are one color. They will always have a solid edge.

Charged Runemarks

Charged Runemarks may use symbols with two colors. The colors should be distinct/NOT a gradient over the whole marking. They may glow.


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