Shell (Common)

Category: Modifier

Creates large, bony structures on the body of the dragon. It can resemble rib bones, shells, or scutes. It will never make up more than half of the dragon's body and cannot be removed. Head armor will never cover eyes unless the dragon also has True Sight.

Color Rules

 The armor can be any color within elemental rules, white, black, or tan. You may have markings affect it or extend to it.

Modifier, Claw, Leather, and Crest Rules

You may have it affect any other trait. However, it should not stick out far from the trait.

Charged Shell

 Charged Shell may be any size. The dragon may detach from a shell if the shape resembles a shelter (such as a snail shell or turtle shell). The shell is still required in art, even if your dragon is out for a stroll. You may have the scute-like or shield-like shells protrude greatly from the dragon, as if they were spines or extensions. You may cover the eyes with armor. Note that even if a shell is huge, all of a dragon's traits will be visible.

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