Smooth Scales (Basic)

Category: Physical

Silky smooth reptilian scales that do not protrude out from the body. Smooth scales will never appear shiny.

Common Interactions

  • Accents - These affect the scales within the normal range.
  • Skittertint - Skittertint does not affect base scales.
  • Scalestain - Scalestain may create stylized scales.
  • Loremark - Loremark can remove scales where it touches.
  • Tattered - Tattered can create small scratches on the scales.
  • Surgical Kit - Surgical Kit does not affect Smooth Scales.
  • Transparent Skin - Scales will not grow on top of transparent skin. However, the edges might have scales that extend a bit over the trait.
  • Pollen - Pollen affects scales normally.
  • Display - Display will not affect the base scales.
  • Extensions - Extensions does not affect scales. To create horns/spikes/similar structures, you will need to use Scalestains.
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