Sparks (Uncommon)

Category: Display

Creates random, jagged lines across your dragon. Lines will not follow a pattern or look like natural stripes. They may end in sharp tips. The edges must be hard and random (as if a caterpillar munched on the edges). This is a Top Layer Marking. The lines must be relatively thin–the crest region of this example shows the widest it can be. It may also glow.

Shape Rules

Sparks will be a long line or lines. Branching is minimal and random. Their shape will never look organized or artificial. It looks most similar to lightning in shape.

Here are some examples of what not to do:

The first example has no random texture to its edge. The bottom left looks like stripes rather than random shapes. The top right are too uniform in the way they split, and they don’t resemble lightning shapes/random shapes. The bottom right is uniform, curled, and looks nothing like a lightning shape.

Texture Rules

Sparks will always have a solid edge.

Color Rules

Sparks may take any colors in the elemental color palette and/or the Thunder elemental color palette. It may have up to three colors that blend smoothly with each other.

Charged Sparks

Charged Sparks may have any number of colors that blend together. The gradient may affect the tips, the back, or create a stripe, as long as the transition is smooth and the marking has its regular texture.


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