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Creates a single and artificial symbol somewhere on the dragon. A heart, star, moon, pentagram, exclamation mark, question mark, ellipsis, zodiac sign, and similar symbols are all acceptable examples. If a stamp is not on the center line of your dragon (IE it is placed on a flank), then the stamp can optionally be mirrored on the other side. The stamp should be small and contained. The example below shows the ideal size for stamp. It can have up to three solid colors. The colors do not have to obey elemental color rules.

The shape limit is relative to the dragon’s size. You can see the absolute maximum and absolute minimum on the image above.

Shape Rules

Stamp may be any artificial shape. A simple circle looks natural, so slightly adjusting that shape makes it a proper stamp. When using multiple shapes, they should be tightly packed (such as the dot in the letter i), rather than spaced out.

Texture Rules

The outside must have a solid edge. Color transitions should also have a solid edge. The shapes themselves can be random, but the solid edge is important.

Color Rules

Only three colors can be present in a Stamp. They should be separated by a solid edge. The overall shape should look unnatural.

Charged Stamp

Charged Stamp may have any number of colors. In addition, you can use gradients in your stamp, and your stamp may glow.


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