Category: Display

Splotched creates a solid or textured part on a dragon's marking. This can affect the edge and/or interior of the mark. If the dragon has no markings,it will appear on a free mark. This trait only affects one marking.


Color Rules

This trait does not apply any colors of its own.

Layering Rules

This trait is on the same layer as the trait it affects.


This trait is the same shape as the marking it affects. However, it can make that shape appear splattered, spotted, or hard-edged instead of its usual edge. Even if a marking is required to have a soft edge, you may change it to have a hard edge or textured edge. When applying a texture to the marking, changing the edge of the mark is optional. It does not need to affect the entire mark. Small parts of the mark can go out of range when the edge is affected by Splotched.


  • Forged - When Forged and Splotched are used on the same trait, they can create a watercolor-like edge.
  • If the dragon has a hard-edged mark anywhere, then showing Splotched in another way is optional.

Charged Splotched

Charged Splotched may affect any number of markings, as long as the minimum of one is met.

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