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Familiars (FAM)

Familiars are small creatures that can inhabit the den of Riders. They each have magical abilities that give their adopted family advantages in activities. From adventures, to den prompts, to breeding, to races, and even to affiliation quests--almost every aspect of the game has a Familiar that can help you out! There is a variety of ways to acquire Familiars. The easiest way is to purchase a Familiar from the Silvence store, but you can also find them from Challenges, and even regular art activities. Familiars can have a customized appearance, so long as they are recognizable as their original species. For example, a rabbit can be any color, not just white. Capture methods and design guidelines are located on specific familiar pages.


Riders can only care for a limited number of Familiars, but they can increase this by making improvements to their den or becoming a Rancher. Additionally, soulbound Familiars do not count towards the maximum. Ranchers also have an easier time finding Familiars from activities.

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