Naki Alliance (Basic)

Category: Affiliation
Species: Rider

The Naki Alliance is primarily focused on maintaining peace. They consider themselves allies to both Eredia and Shérok, but they do not actively work against the Abrendese Militia. Instead, they focus on liberating slaves, preventing future raids, gathering information, welcoming new inhabitants from the Chronoscape, and supporting those in need. They are widely respected among the all peoples due to their charity and effort to perform ethically. They believe that cooperating with the Abrendese to change their policies is superior to attacking them and attempting to claim power again.

Unlike other affiliations, memberships are implied when someone takes up the Naki title. Wanderers are very trusting of Naki, who are expected to refer those in need to practicing members of the Naki Alliance. The main organization will commission their own people for materials or services to strengthen this bond, so long as such workers are available. If a Naki is found to mislead escaped slaves or visitors of the Chronoscape, they are stripped of their title by the family and the information is passed on to the Shéar Rebellion. While the Shéar are more focused on liberation of the kingdoms rather than its inhabitants, they consider acting against the Alliance to be acting against them and will handle it accordingly.

Dragon Riders are surprisingly scarce in the group, with much of the central organization going without. Riders are therefore highly treasured and given special tasks that can’t be done through communication. The Riders use the gathered information to infiltrate Abrendese strongholds and free slaves. The information is mainly gathered through electronic intelligence gathering (hacking, of course), and they work to exchange information between all others groups to prevent bloodshed. This includes Abrendese nobles who disagree with the policy of slaves, even if they are content with the rest of the political situation.

Erré Coalition (Basic)

Category: Affiliation
Species: Rider

In order to protect their people from the Abrendese Militia and stand united on interplanetary issues, the Erré leaders formed the Erré Coalition. The larger islands send reinforcements to smaller islands and share all information of suspicious Shéar activities. It’s difficult to protect Tsotska d’la Mer, but for the most part, it’s an effective method of protecting their inhabitants from the dangers of the Chronoscape and system politics.

They are considered neutral and do not side with any other affiliations. At the same time, they abhor the collection of slaves, especially when such raids are on their own world. They share their information with the Naki Alliance, who will do their best to retrieve any lost inhabitants or pass on information about upcoming raids.


Abrendese Militia (Basic)

Category: Affiliation
Species: Rider

Glory, grandeur, and grasp. These three g’s represent the central philosophy of the Abrendese. After destroying their own homeworld due to reasons beyond their comprehension, they have settled on Shérok and work to discover just where they went wrong. Their position here is temporary, but nonetheless, they see themselves as the rulers of this place. They brought with them technology of all kinds, medicine, research, and knowledge from all corners of the Chronoscape. They pride themselves on being able to run an entire world peacefully. Their accomplishments have brought great wealth to the system and nearby areas of the Chronoscape. Most importantly, their grasp on the solar system continues to expand.

Knowledge is their priority, and they use their power to secure it. The study of magic—which appears to be proliferous in the system—is done in the hopes that they can return and heal their own world. Although they don’t know whether or not their planet’s decline was due to a lack of magic, magic appears to be the best solution to regenerate the world. As the magical resources of Shérok diminish, they are struggling to understand why that is and how to reverse it.

They have no qualms with using humans or Chronoscape inhabitants as their subjects. From their view, they are taking their guinea pigs from the dangerous wilds and giving them a better life—albeit a shorter one. In the best situations, these people walk away with quite a few enhancements. The innate talents of dragon riders and how their dragons can generate elemental magic through them are of particular interest. Dragon riders who do not agree with their philosophies are used as subjects, while those that do are only subject to checkups at regular intervals and mandatory service in the militia.


Shéar Rebellion (Basic)

Category: Affiliation
Species: Rider

When the Abrendese arrived at Shérok, they were welcomed with open arms. Unfortunately, the Abrendese went ahead and assassinated those in power and claimed the world as their own. After the capture of Shérok and dissolution of its original kingdoms, the people of Shérok took things into their own hands. They initially acted as traveling entertainers to recruit people to their rebellious cause. When they were discovered, they became a little more organized and formed a base of operations. Although their location is known to the Abrendese Militia, it is impossible to capture due to its proximity to their own stronghold and the many protections in place to combat physical, technological, biological, and magical forms of control.

Out of all groups, they are the most versatile and have the force of six former kingdoms behind them. The Ringleaders are separated by their specialties. Characters may choose any of the sects to join and occasionally do favors for other sects.

Common Roles

  • Support | These people provide healing of all sorts, maintain barriers where needed, and constantly develop new techniques to keep them ahead of the Abrendese without resorting to unethical research. The only time they run into danger is if they are acting as field medics. They assist in making physical weapons effective against advanced weaponry.
  • Physical Fighters | The strength and prowess of a fighter is highly prized among Shéar, even if it’s considered outdated by the Abrendese and puts them at a serious disadvantage. With the help of their support and technological fighters, they manage to fight on par with the Abrendese and successfully translate their traditions into modern warfare. The role of physical fighter is considered the greatest honor among the Rebellion, since it represents the original spirit of the Shéar kingdoms.
  • Magical Fighters | Their magic is rumored to be a gift from the god of life and death. They are particularly good at sailing, so they serve as the largest marine force in the small Shéar ocean. They practice all forms of magic, with the most powerful among them having dragon allies to assist in magic learning.
  • Technological Fighters | When you’re up against people with lasers and space ships, it’s foolish to rely on swordplay and martial arts. Technological fighters use mechanical weapons, including but not limited to lasers, guns, fighter vehicles, explosives, electronic interruption devices, and similar things. The only type of technology they do not dabble in is hacking. They communicate closely with the Naki Alliance, almost entirely funding them through their commissions, since they are more adept with digital warfare. The technological fighters also assist in making physical weapons effective against more powerful Abrendese weapons.
  • Erasers | Like the magical fighters, they are avid users of magic. Unlike them, they specialize in destructive magics. They aren’t beyond using physical means and biological agents to dispose of their targets. Concealed weapon training is mandatory for them. They get their information from other sects, the Ringleader decides who is the most dangerous from this information, and they are expected to execute their duties without question.
  • Espionage | These people are critical to the defense of the Rebellion. They intercept any and all attacks towards the main force. Unfortunately, they also act the part perfectly, often contributing to the mess. Only the Ringleader and their close associates know the identities of these people. The only way to keep them out of harm’s way is to warn them to avoid certain locations before a Rebellion attack.


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