Lucky (Basic)

Category: Status

When this character returns from an activity, their loot is doubled.

Wounded (Basic)

Category: Status

This dragon is wounded, preventing it from participating in most activities until it is healed. It may still participate in the following activities: Gathering, First Aid Kit, Soft Bed. This status may be healed with a small health potion.

Hibernating (Basic)

Category: Status

This character cannot participate in group activities. This is due to one of the following:

  • a dragon has no rider and does not have the independent trait
  • a rider has no dragon
  • a character has no owner
  • a character's owner has requested that they enter hibernation
  • it is an event dragon with certain aspects (such as name or sex) not yet determined by the owner.

Second Bond (Basic)

Category: Status
Species: Rider

For information on a second bond and its benefits, visit this page.

Pair Bond (Basic)

Category: Status

For more information on Pair Bonds and their benefits, click here.

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