Dragon Companion (Basic)

Category: Rank
Species: Rider

Dragon Companion is the first rank upgrade that Riders can achieve. As Riders complete tasks, they gain Prestige and can advance in the ranks.

Companion (Rare)

Category: Modifier

Your dragon gains a second self…literally. A companion can manifest in multiple ways. Here are just a few:

  • A mini-me with simple traits that looks similar to the main dragon.
  • A second head with the same modifiers as the first.
  • A ravenous mouth on its stomach.
  • A living shadow or reflection.
  • Possessed traits, such as a possessed Floral Parasite or Star Pearl.
  • A hand on its tail with a mind of its own.

These entities have wills of their own and do not always form a mental connection with the dragon or their Rider. A mini-me Companion will not give EXP to any characters in an image without its bigger companion present. The relationship between companions, dragons, and Riders varies dramatically and is up for you to decide. Regular companion does not allow for split tails--the dragon will need the trait to be Charged or have the Split Tail trait.

Color Rules

The companion will have the same base colors as its host. You may choose to have modifiers and display traits alter the appearance of the dragon, provided that the same traits are applied to the main dragon somewhere.

Modifier, Claw, Leather, and Crest Rules

It may affect any trait or modifier. If it is a separate entity, it may have any traits that its host has, so long as it resembles the host. You may choose to simplify these traits compared to the host.

Charged Companion

Charged Companion provides the dragon with up to five companions. The companions may take on a different form of companionship. In example, you can combine a belly mouth companion with a hand-for-a-tail. You may also give a dragon four heads, or two shadows. In addition to the number of companions, you can make a charged companion into a conjoined twin. This can allow for things like split tails or multiple limbs.

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