Category: Display

Creates swirls along the dragon resembling incense smoke. Parts of what lays beneath it should be visible with variation in transparency (see the guides below for better detail). You may use any single color, even if it is outside of regular elemental rules. It may cover the whole body, as long as it does not resemble thick clouds.

What Not to Do:

The left example does not have any variation in transparency, so it won’t count for wisp.The right example looks more like thin lines/filigree patterns instead of smoke.

>Click for Video Tutorial<

Texture Rules

It must have several soft edges. You may emphasize the edge of Wisp, as long as parts on the inside are transparent.
Here are some tutorials on making wisp-like designs:

Color Rules

Wisp may be any color.

Layering Rules

This is a regular marking. It will appear below top layer markings.

Effect on Modifiers & Physical Traits
It may affect modifiers, skin, nails, ears, and similar things where it touches. It can also appear on modifiers that are not touching the marking.

Charged Wisp

Charged Wisp may use a gradient of any two colors.



Category: Familiars

Effect: This familiar can be soulbound to dark Riders. If their dragon is using dark magic, they gain +1 EXP.

When creating a custom skin, it may appear as any ethereal, skeletal skull or an empty flame.

Deep in the marshes, in the dark of night, these malevolent creatures try to lure their victims into the deep. When they lure the victim close enough to their place of death, they can possess their skeleton to pull them into the mud.

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