Category: Display

A marking that resembles lightning or other fractals. It starts in one central point and then branches out from there. It may be solid, blurry, or a mix–but opacity will be consistent and 100% throughout. You can apply a gradient on the marking. It may glow.


Color Rules

It can be any color, as long as that color is lighter than the base color. It can also display a gradient and/or glow.

Layering Rules

The regular Fractal mark follows regular layer rules. However, if you choose for the mark to glow, it may also be used as a light effect.



Fractals that resemble lightning can have random branching. Other fractals do not need to be perfect, but they should be recognizable as a repeating pattern. Only one type of fractal can be used in a design.


Effect on Modifiers & Physical Traits

It may affect modifiers, skin, nails, ears, and similar things where it touches.


  • Vibrancy - Vibrancy adds a second color that may be used as a gradient or a separate fractal color.
  • Frost - Fractal is optional on a dragon that displays Frost.
  • If Breeze, Stamp, Runemarks, or other marks create a fractal shape, then showing Fractal separately is optional.


Charged Fractal

Charged Fractal may be darker than the base scale color. In addition, different shapes may be used, and each Fractal may have its own color.


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