Category: Race
Species: Rider

The Moondrifters are a caravan that has gained a reputation for their cult-like behavior. Their activities are strictly monitored by those within. Seemingly nonsensical laws are tied in with their religion to manipulate and command those within their ranks. It’s not unusual for god-like entities to exist in the Chronoscape, so for them to presume a god guides them isn’t outlandish. What is odd about this group and their god is the extent to which they follow the teachings. Those found to commit a sin or break a law are branded as an outlaw. Many can be condemned because they were associated with a criminal, and sometimes even victims of violence could be considered corrupted and driven out.

Unfortunately, they are known for their avid evangelism. They will try to convert unwitting lone Peregrines and execute them if they refuse to change their ways. When dealing with multiple individuals, the Moondrifters do not try to convert whole caravans. Instead, they kill all of the adults and take in the children as their own. The children are raised to hate their old community and taught that they deserved what happened to them, all alongside the normal cult rules. They are typically human, though will raise species outside of humans when they are adopted as children. Along with normal human skin tones, they may appear as a ghostly white or with hues of blue. They are one of the few communities the Naki do not actively communicate with.


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