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Elemental Dragon (ED)

Elemental dragons are the core species of the group. They are a completely open species, though they have to have an official import and approved design to participate in the group. There are ten basic elements in the group. Each one represents a different kind of dragon that you might be familiar with. Unlike typical dragons, they require an attachment to a Rider in order to survive. Riders fill a mental void that the dragons simply can't live without. Each element varies in its need, so they have a preferred Rider personality. You can find their favorites below!

Elements Inspiration Favored Trait Appearance
Light Dragons Qirin Charisma
Fire Dragons Western Dragons Vengeance
Jungle Dragons Fairy Dragons, Amphibians, Insects Craftiness
Thunder Dragons Artificial Dragons, Golems, Androids Intelligence
Earth Dragons Saurian Dragons Strength
Ocean Dragons Sea Serpents, Leviathans Compassion
Storm Dragons Wyverns Instability
Wind Dragons Rocs Loyalty
Dark Dragons Mist Dragons, Ghosts Wisdom
Metal Dragons Armored Dragons, Pangolins Purity


When eggs are laid, they come with something called a geno. This determines what sort of dragon they will become, what colors they can be, what markings they can be...all sorts of stuff!

This might look like gibberish, but it's easy to break down!

  • Sex - This determines who a dragon can breed with. This can be changed if it disagrees with the character.
  • Element - This determines what colors your dragon can be, what magic it can use, and what traits you can choose for free.
  • Physical Traits - The basic building blocks of your dragon. Wing type, body type, that sort of thing. Can be swapped out (refer to design guide).
  • Display Traits - The dragon's markings.
  • Modifier Traits - Stuff that changes the dragon's shape, such as extra horns.
  • Mutations - These are a bit of a rarity. It's best to read the trait description if you manage to find one.
  • Recessive - These are genes that don't show up or affect a dragon but still have a chance of passing down at a lower rate than usual.

For more information on how to obtain your first dragon, check out the Hatchery Quest or Aurelia's Hatchery!

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