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Purebred jungle dragons are typically small, since their strength lies in their craftiness. They blend in with smaller wildlife and resemble insects or amphibians. Large jungle dragons are fairly rare and jungle dragons that can ferry more than their rider are almost legendary. They are frequently multicolored, with the majority of them sporting orange scales as a base. Their wings are thin and fragile, almost like an insect’s. Their body appears similar to that of a skink or frog. They are primarily tree dwellers and live off of insects, nectar, small rodents, and juvenile mammals. Despite their size, they are the deadliest dragons, with a multitude of poisons available at their disposal. They are prone to biting their Riders with small amounts of these poisons, building their immunity over time. Young jungle dragons have difficulty controlling the amount of venom they release, so it is best for inexperienced Riders to handle them with gloves until they are old enough to hunt or have built up an immunity.

Free Trait: Miniature
Default Physical Traits:


Jungle dragons seek out cleverness in Riders. While this can be exhibited in many ways, it is most common for their Riders to have a proclivity towards chemistry, medicine, constructing, or cooking. Quick wit is also seen as desirable. After forming a bond with a Rider, the Rider gains a powerful assistant that can help make observations, discuss complex ideas, and even aid in the study of poisons, medicines, botany, and zoology. Jungle dragons consciously decide which venoms they carry and what they can eat to gain the required elements, so their Riders will always have an aptitude for identifying unconventional treatments or recipes. Furthermore, Riders are much more likely to catch on to tricks, lies, and pranks. Having a prankster constantly by their side helps with that.

Preferred Rider Attributes:

  • Devil’s Advocate
  • Resourceful (MacGuyver-style)
  • Clever
  • Curious
  • Quick-witted
  • Humorous
  • Crafty
  • Unique
  • Argumentative
  • Lazy
  • Insensitive
  • Goes Against the Flow

Jungle MAGIC

Jungle dragons are quick to adapt to the world around them. They can quickly camouflage with their environment. They are covered in poisonous secretions at all times, ensuring they are safe from their foes. They can manipulate these secretions to shoot acid or form a solid web that they can use to capture prey. They recognize the ‘language’ that plants use to communicate—in example, they can see if a creature bothered the plant recently or if a cold front blew through a week ago. To a limited extent, they can regenerate lost limbs. They usually use plant life to refuel this generation, though bugs will do in a pinch. Large, circular clearings in the woods are an indicator that a Jungle dragon had its fill of plantlife to regenerate a lost tail.

More than anything else, Jungle dragons excel at making poisons and cures. They are immune to all known deadly substances and will eat anything to learn its composition. Once they have a taste of something, they will know exactly what it’s made of and be able to replicate it after eating all the right ingredients. Mature dragons can also immediately tell what the ‘opposite’ of a substance is, allowing them to quickly neutralize poisons with an antivenin. This knowledge gets passed on to their Rider, who can then use it to craft medicines or excellent meals out of normal ingredients. Over time, the Rider will develop both a physical immunity to poisons through the nips of their own dragon as well as similar abilities to taste and resist poisons on a magical level.

Magic Physiology

On top of the general Tier IV magic effects, your dragon can have these traits. This is only available to dragons with Tier IV Jungle magic or Elemental Anomaly. Feel free to get creative and use things outside of this list.

  • Dazzle
  • Insectified
  • Floral Parasite
  • Frog Throat
  • Antennae
  • A Personal Bug Swarm


They sport highly saturated, warm colors (sometimes extending into the bright green range). This is because they give off the same warning that butterflies and dart frogs do with their flashy colors–they’re very poisonous! Here is a suggested color range. You can lighten or darken it, so long as the colors still appear vivid. Click the image to see the palette in closer detail.

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Jungle Display and Modifier Traits

The following traits are founded in the Jungle element, and thus have a better chance of passing to offspring.

Fairy | Leafy | Rosettes | False Eyes | Chameleon | Foliage | Dart Frog | Rattlesnake
Swarm | Dazzle | Insectified | Floral Parasite | Frog Throat | Antennae | Miniature


They are equally compatible with these Fire and Thunder traits:

Origin | Vibrancy | Detonation | Emblazoned | Pharaoh | Magma | Scorched | Sable 
Phoenix | Double Crest | Aegis | Thorned Spine | Translucent | Spaded Tail | Dorsal Spines
Echo | Glass | Runemarks | Aurora | Sparks | Checkered | Fractal | Stamp

Electric | Disassembly | Glitch | Coils | Halo | Display | Whiskers


However, they are incompatible with Wind Traits, and the following traits have a reduced pass rate. Jungle semi-customs and Jungle SC cross breeds have the rarity of these traits increased by two:

Dancer | Breeze | Flight Bars | Barred | Streaks | Cap | Collared | Tipped
Cirrus | Curled | Seraph | Frilled | Plumes | Beaked | Extensions
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