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With their sharp and rough scales, large horns, and long claws, it is highly recommended that even their Riders avoid petting them needlessly. Even the seemingly smooth and reflective scales have a razor-like texture at the microscopic level that can cause a rash at best and long cuts at worst when a Rider tries to pet their dragon without equipment. Purebred metal dragons cannot generate enough lift for themselves, but on windy days the winged dragons are capable of controlled gliding. Despite their terrifying physical composition, they are gentle giants and rarely start or finish disputes. They subsist on rocks, dirt, and small insects. Their long tongue is especially useful for licking up ants.

Free Trait: Plating
Default Physical Traits:


Metal dragons bond with Riders that show purity, innocence, or a good sense of what is right and wrong. As timid creatures, they then look to their Riders for how they should interact with others. Metal Riders and Earth Riders are similarly employed, but Metal Riders tend to be much more dependable when the situation calls for communication rather than strength. Riders can use the intuition of their dragon to easily perceive the intentions of others, making them excellent detectives and guards, even if they’re not that strong. The strongest Metal Riders are even capable of seeing the auras of others.

Preferred Rider Attributes:

  • Naive
  • Sense of Justice
  • Wholesome
  • Intuitive
  • Patient
  • Forgiving
  • Calm
  • Accountable
  • Philosophical
  • Honest
  • Sincere
  • Indecisive


Metal dragons are the hardiest dragons of all, having both elemental and mental strength. Their armor is impenetrable when they set their magic to it, and they can exist even in a vacuum without the need to breathe. They can manipulate anything magnetic and bend metal at will. Illusions have no effect on them—in fact, they have a peculiar relationship with light. They can enter the reflections of metal and travel through a ‘parallel’ world of sorts for several minutes at a time. They can exit from any other reflective surface or simply look through the 'window.' If their strength is spent while they are in this mirror world, they are ejected from the nearest reflective surface.

Another peculiar magic they wield is the ability to project their minds towards others. Weak dragons begin with telepathy, while the strongest dragons can superimpose their own mind upon others and control their body. The soul of their target is temporarily placed in their own body or the body of their Rider. When abused, this is the strongest magic dragons are capable of.

Despite these frightening abilities, metal dragons and their Riders are typically too pure to use these powers for nefarious ends. They are much more likely to use weaker abilities or simply talk things out to get what they need. Both dragons and their Riders can see auras surrounding all life forms. These can immediately tell them the mood, intentions, and personality of everyone they come across. It’s not an ability that switches off, either, so Metal dragons and their Riders will detect lies the moment they happen—even if they’re relaxed. They can dim their own aura and the aura of others to avoid detection. Along with that, their aura reading will occasionally reveal a curse or illness that the victim is unaware of.

Magic Physiology

On top of the general Tier IV magic effects, your dragon can have these traits. This is only available to dragons with Tier IV Metal magic or Elemental Anomaly. Feel free to get creative and use things outside of this list. Dragons with Tier IV Metal magic may be marked as Flighted, even if they have no traits for flying.

  • Engraved
  • Shimmer
  • Sheen
  • Armored
  • Large plating and scales
  • Gilded
  • Molten Metal
  • Metal Spines/Horns
  • Metal Gravitating around the dragon
  • Flight


Their most common colors are gold, pink gold, and silver. Grays are the norm. Here are some suggestions for base color and markings:

Metal Display and Modifier Traits

The following traits are founded in the Metal element, and thus have a better chance of passing to offspring:

Grunge | Patina | Stairstep | Forged | Veined | Chroma | Rusted | Splotched
Treasure | Engraved | Shimmer | Gilded | Sheen | Shell | Plating


They are equally compatible with these Dark and Light traits:

Veil | Nebula | Stitched | Starry | Wisp | Comet | Dust | Sooty
Celestial | Companion | Multi-limbed | Transparent Skin | True Sight | Wither | Tattered
Flaunt | Zebra | Roan | Faded | Rabicano | Suntouched | Pangare | Appaloosa
Radiance | Spectrum | Star Pearl | Iridescence | Bioluminescence | Bearded | Heraldry


However, they are incompatible with Earth Traits, and the following traits have a reduced pass rate. Metal semi-customs and Metal SC cross breeds have the rarity of these traits increased by two:

Wild | Crackle | Sandstone | Skunk | Tobiano | Brindle | Fawn Spots | Underbelly
Jeweled | Brawn | Neckfrill | Fanged | Protofeathers | Club Tail | Maned
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